An Introduction to Green Building LEED and LEED Exam Prep -- Now on CD!
This 4-part training series on CD, provides foundational knowledge in green building and LEED to help prepare for the LEED GA exam. It clarifies the structure of the new LEED Professional Program and will educate you in the subject matter covered by the LEED exam. This valuable 4-CD training series produces preparation for a final, focused study effort prior to sitting for the exam.

“The presentations were very informative. I thought the handouts were helpful -- especially the definitions given. I really liked the quiz questions and would recommend this course to others wanting to take the Green Associates exam.”

-- Joanne M Cheok
Senior Engineer
Ph.D. Candidate, Univ. of Florida, School of Building Construction

"I did not realize the importance of integrating all the pieces into the equation. The information was structured and presented in a way that was easily understood."

-- Robert W Proffitt
Ram Mechanical

"The study guides closely followed the audio. The instructors spoke to the group with the realization that we were all at different levels of understanding. They were good at answering questions with this in mind."

-- Anna Worman
Washington Township Fire Department

I enjoyed the course because it provided me with an overall understanding of the Green Associate exam and why one should consider taking it as an owner/facility manager of their company.

-- Mike Dietzen
Facilities Manager
Kimberly-Clark, Corp.


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provides educational information resources covering a spectrum of areas within the construction industry. Whether it is the latest news on LEED certification requirements and revisions, legal counsel to avoid adverse construction claims, or updates surrounding Building Information Modeling and 3D technology -– WPL's mission is to provide the quickest way to get the guidance needed for personal and business growth.

Green Building Services, Inc.
This webinar on CD training series has been developed and instructed by Green Building Services, Inc. (GBS). GBS is recognized throughout the United States as a training leader providing design, construction and property management professionals with insights, information and analysis on high-performance building practices. GBS has six LEED Faculty members on staff qualified to provide seven different USGBC-approved LEED workshops and a multi-disciplinary expert staff that draws from experience on hundreds of green building and LEED projects. GBS Training leverages this breadth and depth of experience to build your organization’s capacity to understand and apply green building.

Presented By Experts Who Helped Write the Exam!
* CD 1: Green Building and LEED Overview
* CD 2: Sustainable Sites and Water
* CD 3: Energy and Energy-Related Indoor and Environmental Quality
* CD 4: Materials, Materials-Related Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation

Job contracts and RFPs increasingly require one or more LEED Professionals on the project team to qualify for work. A growing number of companies favor job applicants that hold the LEED AP credential over those that do not. The number of green building incentives and requirements across all levels of government is rising dramatically. How will you show your competence and relevance to the rapidly growing green building market?

The LEED Professional credential (“LEED AP”) is perhaps the most widely recognized and credible accreditation to demonstrate proficiency in green building and LEED. Recent improvements to the program create multiple tiers to acknowledge different experience levels and “specialties” that focus on specific project types.

The new LEED Green Associate (“LEED GA”) credential demonstrates comprehensive, general knowledge in green building and LEED and is for individuals that support, but may not directly apply, green building in their regular professional work. Examples of fields that might pursue the LEED GA designation only include manufacturing, law, product supply, students, government, marketing, administration, construction, architecture, engineering, and development among others. The LEED GA credential is also a prerequisite to pursue the next tier of accreditation, LEED Professional with Specialty, which is designed for professionals that directly apply LEED and green building in their practice.

Series overview:
LEED Training CD Session 1
Green Building and LEED Overview
Terry Miller, Senior Manager, Green Building Services

This session provides an introduction to LEED and the LEED Green Associate Certification process with a general overview of green building practices and LEED for green design, construction and operations. Blending project experience with LEED exam preperation, Terry Miller provides great insight on the LEED certification process in an easy-to-understand method for a positive exam prep experience. In this instructional CD, he provides a detailed overview of the certification process targeting the most relevant areas to sit for the exam with confidence. Areas covered are:
  • What is green building? Exam Preparatory resources
  • LEED professional program, designations and exam process
  • LEED exam specifications and "knowledge areas": LEED GA and BD&C domains
  • Certification strategy and timeline
  • USGBC goals and policies, LEED mission
  • Certification and Accreditation: LEED rating systems, credit alignment
  • “Project systems and energy impacts” (LEED AP BD&C)
  • Buildings and energy: water supply, costs, rationale and integrated design process

Terry Miller is a Senior Consultant and Manager of the Training and Facilitation Division at Green Building Services, Inc. (GBS). As Manager of Training & Facilitation services, Terry works directly with clients to scope the creation of training products that enhance their organization’s capacity to apply green building and LEED. Terry is responsible for ensuring that GBS training products are developed, produced and delivered with a consistently high level of quality that meets or exceeds client expectations. GBS’s training and facilitation services are distinguished by the ability to leverage applied experience on hundreds of green building projects and a very close working relationship with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). All GBS Trainers are qualified through an internal GBS Faculty Program.

LEED Training CD Session 2:
Sustainable Sites and Water
Terry Miller, Senior Manager, Green Building Services
Andrea Thompson, Consultant, LEED AP BD&C

This study course focuses on taking care of the land to avoid an adverse construction impact during and following project completion. Site location is critical and a review of considerations should be applied to site selection, urban redevelopment and brownfield development. An evaluation should also be conducted to assess transportation alternatives, reduce site disturbance and maintain storm water management. Listeners will follow as instructors Terry and Andrea review these important topics as they relate to the exam:

  • Enviornmental transportation benefits. Strategies for transportation & site location: mass transit, parking, carpooling, alternate fueled vehicle, incentives
  • Community connectivity, "walkscore"
  • Site selection strategies: density, redevelopment (brownfield sites), habitat protection
  • Site selection implementation: building density, building footprint, population density
  • Site design: plants, reflective materials, solar reflectance Index "SRI"
  • Sustainable Site Management plan integrating pest management and light pollution reduction
  • Stormwater management -- control, quality and infiltration
  • Water efficiency: Hydrologic Cycle: Urban vs. Natural
  • Building water use: "Baseline versus design". EPA Act 1992 Water efficiency, reducing indoor, outdoor, process water use

Andrea Thompson brings her education in community development and belief in the value of sustainable design to help clients assess and achieve green building goals through an integrated design process. With a background in architecture studies, public health research, and utility based energy efficiency programs, Andrea is interested in the integration of social, environmental, and economic goals to pursue a more sustainable built environment. As a LEED® Accredited Professional, she facilitates the integration of green design and LEED certification for local as well as international projects. Working with multiple LEED rating systems including New Construction, Core and Shell, and Neighborhood Development, Andrea has experience with multiple project types. These include high rise office buildings, municipal facilities, affordable housing, performing arts centers, and residential mixed use projects.

LEED Training CD Session 3:
Energy and Energy-Related Indoor Environmental Quality

Alan Scott, Principal, Green Building Services
Nidhi Khanna,Technical Consultant, LEED AP BD&C

It is critical that energy and atmosphere requirements within your facility are operating as planned within design specifications. You’ll want to make sure your building is achieving minimum energy performance, and, if your building is new – eliminate CFC-based (Chlorinated Fluorocarbon) refrigerants in heating ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Listen to Alan Scott and Nidhi Khanna as they guide you through the “Energy and Atmosphere” category as part of the certification review, with guidance on how to: establish design and energy goals, sizing buildings appropriately, using free energy, insulation techniques, monitoring consumption and more:

  • Energy and atmosphere: demand, C02 Impact of buildings and greenhouse gasses
  • Energy measurements and demand
  • Energy efficiency: Measure and Verify Energy Performance (“M&V”)
  • Ongoing energy performance: commissioning CX, Energy Star rating
  • Renewable energy
  • Indoor Environmental quality

Alan Scott has more than 22 years of professional experience and has been involved with numerous green building projects over the last fifteen years. As a registered architect, Alan oversees Green Building Services’ project consulting on a broad range of project types. He has been actively involved on over 30 LEED certified projects, and has guided many other LEED “targeted” projects through project design.

Alan has conducted numerous seminars and workshops on daylighting, high performance workplaces, resource-efficient construction, passive solar design and the use of The Natural Step system conditions for construction. As a member of the USGBC’s LEED faculty, Alan travels across the country providing workshops on the LEED green building rating system. He also facilitates “eco-charrettes” to help project teams set goals for creating high-performance buildings.

Nidhi Khanna joined GBS in 2006 after completing her Masters in Sustainable Architecture. She leverages her background to support clients in their efforts to enhance the overall performance of the buildings by conducting in-depth energy, daylight, shading, and bioclimatic analysis by utilizing simulation programs such as eQuest, AGI-32, Lumen Designer, Ecotect, Sketch-up, climate consultant. In addition, she focuses in developing M & V plan and assists in site assessment studies.

LEED Training CD Session 4:
Materials, Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and Innovation
Alan Scott, Principal, Green Building Services
Alicia Snyder-Carlson, Project Consultant, LEED AP BD&C

This last training session addresses requirements relative to materials, indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and innovation. Alan Scott and Alicia-snyder Carlson provide a clear overview of specific processes of achieving waste reduction and improved IEQ in all elements of a building. Specifically:

  • Materials & Resources: Waste Reduction and Management
  • Developing a construction waste management plan
  • Encouraging recycling, conducting a waste audit, compost
  • Lifecycle impacts: extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging and distribution, product use, final disposal
  • EPA TRACI Tool: life cycle impact strategies and resources during design, construction and operations phase
  • Implementation: green materials, green Interiors
  • Indoor environmental air quality
  • Innovation and design process
  • Innovation and exemplary performance: detailed examples of clean water services, buildings and theatres

Alicia Snyder-Carlson is a Project Coordinator for the Commercial Interiors team and oversees development of the sustainable materials library. Alicia assists in the preparation of client deliverables and technical analysis assistance including project coordination and research for LEED certification processes. Although her focus is in Commercial Interiors, Alicia also has experience on LEED CI for Retail, LEED for Existing Buildings and LEED Volume Certification.

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